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Energy Sweets

allbranded offers you the perfect platform to transform glucose into unique advertising item. A small vitamin burst during a business meeting can be used by each participant to recharge their batteries and activate the claimed brain cells again. Take the opportunity and distribute a round of grape sugar or other delicacies with individually printed packaging. In our online shop you will find a wide range of products to help you with your company or a nice slogan and as an advertising medium. In allbranded you will find the right gifts for customers and business partners with whom you will score points in counterpart. Click through our sweets, soft drinks and snacks and select the right advertising item for your next business meeting.

Sweet Advertising: grape cugar in the corporate look

Everyone looks forward t a little attention sometimes. Especially sweets are known to elevate the mood. Grape sugar can even raise more than just the mood: one likes to call it as a fuel for the body, which at low blood pressure or low power leads to an energy boost. As one would refill a car, shortly after the consumption of sugar grapes the performance and concentration ability is on the rise, because this goes directly into the blood after ingestion. Sugar grapes were discovered, already in 1792 in grapes and were also called "Glucose", . But this sweet advertising medium is nowadays obtained not from grapes but from cornstarch, potatoes and wheat. As an advertising article grape sugar scores great popularity, especially in younger target groups, and a high value. These properties make grape sugar a particularly effective way of courtship, for (potential) customers, employees and business partners develop sympathy with your company by enabling you to bring them this kind of attention.

Grape sugar assortment at allbranded

For every taste there is at least one allbranded sweet that you can individualize. Grape sugar also belongs here and is also convincing in the category with a large selection to choose from. In addition to grape sugar in the form of bars, we perform the typical and childrens very popular grape sugar lollies. In addition, see our promotional grape sugar brand Products from Dextro Energy and Ahoj carbonated drink, which is already very well known and can speak of high quality brands for you and your company. Although grape sugar is significantly different than normal supply sugars, here you can find individualized sugar bags and sticks, which are ideal for use in cafes, restaurants and bars.

To use grape sugar as advertising Products

We will be glad to support your next business meeting with individually designed food. Long meetings provide the ideal opportunity to supply your customers with a round of glucose during the break. Of course, the grape sugar advertising Products are also part of a large sweets-offer at events, which consist of cakes, sweets and chocolate. Pupils and students already know the activating effect of sugar grapes, the concentration - at least temporarily -brings in full swing and during exams is perceived as great hope. Whether in the form of a lollipop with stem or as a candy, make these small giveaways a real eye-catcher, and surprise your staff, customers and guests. Especially in the case of PR campaigns in schools, universities or charity events, you can use the individually designed grape sugar candies or lollipops to draw attention to your business and make a positive impression with stakeholders.

Grape sugar with logo print

Whether it is our grape sugar offer or another of our products, the individualization of promotional items is very important for your advertising impact on the general public. In order to use your grape sugar and other taste experiences convinceable, you should make them in your Corporate Design. So your target group can link the advertising material back to you and add sympathy values on your brand, your company and services. Make the packaging of your advertising article according to your specific requirements in your own corporate colors and print the grape sugar with your company logo. With many colors, various finishing techniques and a lot of creativity, we at allbranded create for you an individual advertising media. Browse now through our grape sugar offers!