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Chewing Gum

With allbranded, chewing gum becomes showy and casual advertising item. Chewing Gums are an excellent basis, sincethey come in so many flavors. In addition, there is no one out there who does not actually make any people who do not like from time to time even engage in this chewing bussiness. Therefore you should think about using such products as promotional items. Show your loose and casual side and distribute chewing gum as giveaways. Since it comes in so many different flavors, there should be one for every customer, employee or business partner, that hits exactly the individual taste. 

Chewing gum as an effective advertising article

As promotional Products chewing gums are very effective for your business because they enjoy wide coverage and immense popularity. Already 9000 years ago tree resins were used as a kind of "Stone Age chewing gum". Later in finds from Italy, Egypt and South Africa it was confirmed, that there was a predecessor of chewing gum. In the 19. Century were the first chewing gums manufactured in a factory. They were made of spruce resin and beeswax. Today 7.7% of all British daily enjoy chewing gums, and 20.6% at least once a week. With this value in the everyday life of your target groups, chewing gum is not a bad choice as a promotional tool for your business. Your use of advertising Products is for your business an affordable way to place attention-strong advertising in the proximity of your target groups.

To place your advertising chewing gum

As promotional article chewing gum can be used for a variety of occasions. Thanks to their low prices in cent range chewing gum can be particularly well used as a giveaway for example at fairs, concerts or other events. We also recommend chewing gum in your company look should be interpreted at the reception of your company to give visitors a nice touch. Also chewing gums are effective promotional gifts during sale. Sprinkle individualized chewing gum dragees in the shopping bags of your customers or hide them in the mail that you send. Chewing gum is particularly suitable to speeches by young people and young adults, because with this promotional Products you show that you are loose, young and casual.

Variations of promotion of chewing gum

In our online shop you will find chewing gum dragees in different storages. You can use these depending on the occasion and target group and then select individually. Under the promotional items you will find, among other things, the simple version of chewing gum tablets in a blister pack or a printed smart card, but also high-quality variations in metal cans and pocket push-me-cans designed with an ornate advertising stickers or possibly even engraved.

Individualisation of chewing gum with logo print

No matter what kind of chewing gum you choose: all Products of this type are ideal as a giveaway, as they have generous and eye-catching advertising space, which presents your business fully. The packaging of the chewing gum you can customize according to your preferences. The promotional chewing gum can be individualised exactly to your corporate design directive and guarantee a recognition value for your business. Only with an individualisation of the advertising article do your customers, employees, business partners or office visitors while enjoying the chewing gum think of you and form a positive image of your Company.