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Tea is known in many cultures and appreciated in England as the evening is heralded with the 5 o'clock tea, and in Asia has been even developed a ceremony connected with the preparation of tea. It is therefore not surprising that even in this country tea is served as a valuable and exquisite hot drink. Be stylish and give the gift of tea blends or small tea that bears your company logo or advertising slogan thanks to advertising printing of allbranded and all according to your wishes! 

Order tea in the online-shop of allbranded and give out

The preparation and the enjoyment of exquisite tea are always associated with rest and relaxation. A Chinese proverb says that a day without tea is a day without joy. Let your customers share this pleasure with customized tea blends as an advertising article, order your favorites from different teas in the online shop of allbranded.

An exquisite selection of teas

Because tastes differ, we offer at allbranded different mixtures of the popular hot drink. So you have the choice between fine black tea blends, soothing herbal mixtures or delicious fruits blends. You also have the possibility to order tea in small sachets. Who also include environmentality and sustainability at heart, we recommend our bio-tea. The packaging of the tea is price-crowned and promises classy enjoyment. A tpendant can be printed by us according to your wishes with a slogan or the company name.

Offer promotional products in a suitable environment

Looking for appropriate actions where you can distribute the premium gifts? Your advertising article could for example, be of great use on the trade fair. Treat your weary visitors with a break and spoil team with a cup of tea. Then present them with small tea sachets, of your individual design. The same option is of course in customer conversations and discussions which take place in your organization. Serve instead of coffee from the supermarket your individually designed tea and provide the customer with the adoption of the small advertising gift to take home with them.

Alternatively you can use the selected tea blends very well on birthdays or similar holidays of your customers. The unique packaging and the high quality of the promotional items used in any case bring joy to the recipient.

Well made merchandising thanks to a personal touch

In allbranded, you have the option to provide your advertising medium with a personal touch. The blends of tea we offer with a pendant, which can be printed according to your wishes, with slogan, advertising slogan, company name or logo. Likewise can our tea sachets, which can be purchased hand filled, can be printed personalised. Do not hesitate, order from our offer of promotional Products that promise for you and your customers relaxation and wellbeing in everyday business life!