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Promotional Rain Jackets

If it rains, you have to have your umbrella or rain jacket at hand, as no one want to get soaked outside, especially if there is no time to change the clothes. Someone who would want to do something nice for their customers, should think about ordering some handy, promotional rain jackets, as they do not only fit in every bag, but can also bring your customers to their destination without any danger of becoming drenched in the rain. The next time is rains, your customers will be thankful for the wonderful promotional gift.

Eye-catching printed rain jackets at allbranded with an extraordinary design

The rain jacket is not only an eye-catching product, because it can be purchased in many different national colours. We can offer you jackets in the national colours of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK. Adding to that, printed rain jackets possess four buttons, which ensure good stability. Moreover, thanks to their material and design, they can be fitted very well into bags and backpacks, which makes them easily transportable. Additionally, we at allbranded, can personalise your rain jacket with your company logo, which will catch the eye of many envious passer-byes at the next rain shower.

Sports obsessed customers will be happy about the wonderful giveaways

If you wonder about the special design of the rain jacket, you should think about the next big sport events. Whether it is the football world cup, the rugby world cup or the Olympic Games; the colours of your own nation will always be trendy at these occasions. Whether as a flag at the house or on your car, on your cheek or on your clothes; people want to show solidarity to their home country. Such sport events are usually connected to public viewing events, which usually happen in a pub or outdoors. Should the weather not be the best, these corporate branded rain jackets will be the first thing people will notice in the rainy weather and are therefore the perfect giveaways. Your company logo is going to be remembered especially well with these printed rain jackets.

For sports items this merchandising strategy is a must

As this promotional product is especially suited for sports fans, companies, which sell sports items, should definitely consider purchasing them in bulk. Suitable for the next football, sports items or sports equipment purchase, this promotional product can be given out towards the right customers. When the corporate branded rain jacket will be worn at the next event, potential customers will definitely pay attention to your brand and might even become part of your customer base.

Don’t let your customers stand in the rain

Useful, eye-catching and memorisable – your customers will love these printed rain jackets and potential customers will memorise your brand. For companies, which produce or sell sports items, this rain jacket is a perfect giveaway for their customers, which will make them smile at the next rainy day. If you want to make your customer happy, you should not wait around but order these giveaways straight away. An uncomplicated online order is going to achieve so much more.

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